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About Us

SolidGround Technologies, Inc. was founded in October 2009 by David Byrd, the original founder of Integra Solutions, Inc.   The company is staffed by seasoned professionals, many of whom worked together at Integra Solutions for more than a decade.

SolidGround Technologies, essentially, is a regenesis of the principles, practices, and personnel of Integra Solutions.   For more than 15 years, Integra Solutions was one of the leading consulting and training organizations concentrating on business intelligence solutions powered by BusinessObjects software.   Most Solid Grounders were long-term employees of Integra Solutions and maintain that same commitment to excellence that enabled Integra Solutions stand out from among its competitors.

Outlined here is a brief synopsis of some of our past accomplishments:

  • Completing successful data warehouse/data mart projects for numerous companies and organizations.
  • Conducting business intelligence presentations regionally, nationally, and internationally since 1993.
  • Delivering 14 presentations at the 2007 BusinessObjects national conference, a record unsurpassed by any other partner.
  • Achieving numerous awards from Business Objects, including Authorized Education Center of the Year in 2007.
  • Providing pre- and post-sales support for the BusinessObjects Dallas sales office.

SolidGround Technologies attributes much of its success to its commitment to our clients' ownership of the delivered solution. Through a process of knowledge transfer, our goal is to ensure our clients can manage their environment into the future long after our consultant's departure. This approach is validated by the fact that we have an extremely high rate of recurring business with our clientele—we are invited back not to address the same issue, but to resolve the next problem.

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